The word Biodigestion, is derived from the Greek word Bios, meaning Life, and from the Latin word Digestione, wich means Digestion or Decomposition, or even the transformation of non absorbable matter, into other materials absorbable by living beings.

Scientifically, Biodigestion is a process of degradation, transformation or decomposition of vegetable and animal substances, (known as Organic Matter), carried out by living beings, like man, or even by micro-organisms and bacteria.

Many synthetic products made by man, can be biodigested, and these are known as Biodegradable Products.

The apparatus or implement or even the place where biodigestion can be processed, is called Biodigester, and depending on the type of system, biodigestion occurs in one of three different ways.

In the first one, biodigestion occurs inside the organism of an animal, wich eats and digests food, assimilates part of it, and excrets the other part in the form of feces.

This is the Animal Biodigestion.

Feces, are the result of an incomplete biodigestion inside an animal biodigester.

Ultimately, these excretions end up in the soil, where, by means of millions of bacteria, they are digested again, untill they reach the state of chemical products soluble in water.

This solution, known as Soil Solution, is very rich in mineral salts, wich are ionized in water, and readily absorbable by plants.

In this manner, it is established and completed a biological cicle as folows:


In this instance, the biodigester is an animal.

In the second method, or biodigestion process, Organic Matter and or Organized Matter, is not processed through the organism of an animal, but are spread directly over the soil.

Once over the soil, it is submitted to the action of wind, rain, and other forces of nature, including the action of various animals treading upon it.

It is also affected by the chemical action of air oxygen, assisted by the catalitic action of sunlight.

Though the mechanical action of the forces of nature and animal treading, the organic matter comes into greater contact with the soil, becoming incorporated into it, and mixing with it, where it suffers the action of animal and vegetable macro and micro-organisms.

Slowly, this organic matter is decomposed, until it reaches the state of chemical composts soluble in water.

This is the Soil Solution, which is in turn absorbed by plants.

And so, once again, we complete the biological cicle we have mentioned above.

This is called the Natural Biodigestion, and our biodigester is the soil.

The third way of biodigestion, is quite similar to the second one, but here, we consider the man as an integral component of the process.

In this instance, animal wastes, eventually including those from man, as well as sinthetic products manufactured by man for it's own use, are deliberatedly discarded on rivers, lakes, ponds, or over soil, and incorporated into it or spread over it.

In soil or in water, those wastes are exposed to the action of macro and micro-organisms, are bio-decomposed in a relatively short cicle, and once in the form of soluble chemical composts, they dissolve in water, and become the Soil Solution.

In this case, our biodigester is the soil, a river, a lake or even a pond.