Today, hydroponics is a perfectly developed technology, and is ready to be used in various sectors, since those for human feeding, animal feeding, for the production of aromathic plants, plants for phytoterapy. plants for the extraction of active principles for the pharmaceutical industry, various species of fungus, algae, and much more.

Even after the six basic hydroponics systems were defined, within one of each, there are a series of variations, and besides this, the inumerous compositions of those basic systems, each one more adequate to the production of a determinate plant.

For example, it is quite easy to grow lettuce for humans to use as green salads. but the current systems used to produce those greens, cannot be used if the plant will be carried for the extraction of active principles for the pharmaceutical industry.

In a similar way, we cannot produce arugula in a commercial basis, with the same nutrient solution as the one used to grow lettuce.

It is quite simple to produce HGF (Hydroponic Green Fodder), but you cannot produce it in a commercial basis, or even for shelf use, in the same benches where you produce lettuce.

When a greenhouse is needed, the greenhouses used in USA, in New Zeeland, in Australia or even in Europe, are not adequate to be used in Brazil.

Even in Brazil, the greenhouses used in the South States, are not adequate to be used in the North East States.

To build a commercial hydroponic system, a large financial investment is required, and though that investment returns very rapidly, any minimum error in the construction can mean large losses.

Thus, whenever one wants to build a hydroponic system, today, it is necessary the advices with technicians specialized in hydroponics.

It is not sufficient to go to a greenhouse factory, and to buy the greenhouse the manufacturer wants to sell you.

In the same way, it is not sufficient to order to a manufacturer the NFT channels he wants to sell you, even he gives you for free, the complete layout of your system.

Manufacturers just want to sell you their products, and they don't want to know how, or where, or under what conditions you will use such products.

A speciallized technician will ask his customer, firstly, for a market research, where it will be defined the market and the customer profile the future producer will face, the different plants he must and/or can produce, as well as their quantities.

He will tell you the kind of land more advisable to be bought, or he will determine what to do to use an existing area, analyzing topographic plants, with level curves, besides other informations.

He will verify water sources, and the quality of their water, existence of electrical energy, access ways to the land area, communication systems, in site microclimate, and more a series of informations.

Based in all those informations, the technician will plan, design and draw the hydroponic instalation to be built.

We have more than 40 years researching and working with hydroponics, and this made possible for us the development of unpublished systems, and the breaking of great myths with reference to hydroponic systems.

We have some hundred of instalations designed and built under our advices, not only in Brazil, but also in various coutries around the World.

So, we offer here that quantity of knowledges and practice to our visitor, that is yet, or can be a future hydroponist.