I believe that by this momment, our visitor has yet a good notion of the "nouances" of hydroponics, and about some cares that must be taken in account to build a hydroponic complex.

We want to show you here some of the various phases of a project for the instalation of an NFT system, based on some preliminary informations.

The description will be based on a series of images, that speak more than a long text.

In this example, our customer is a hydroponist for some years, and he allways built his complexes without any technical advice, allways taking as a base spare data and informations he got on an aleatory way.

After a detailed market research, for first time he decided to use our consultancy work, building a complex with 2800 m².

Based on the results of our first project, wich permited him to have, for the first time, a commercial and profitable system, our customer decided to icreasee his lettuce production, by using a free area in his farm, with aproximately 4000 m².

After studying the land profile on topographic drawings, we concluded that an earthwork was needed, for us to get an usefull area with 3900 m² and with the maximum slope possible of 3.6%.

Within this, a project was developed for the production of 38800 lettuce heads per month, divided in two modules producing 19400 heads each.

The needed greehouse was bought from a brasilian manufacturer, and is composed of modules with 7 m wide per 36 m long, with zenital ventilation in all the extension of the modules, and open sides.

On the two 36 m sides of the greenhouse, there are sustenance tensors, one on each column, leaving us a dead area with 250 m².

This area was covered with shading nets, and under it were bult pre-growing benches.

With this, all the area under the greenhouse was used.

The pre-growing area permits us the production of 20220 pre-gown plants per month.

These plants are not sufficient to feed the growing area, but they permit us to use the dead area under the greenhouse.

Once built and operating, we got the following operation conditions:

Average temperature under the greenhouse - 38 C°

Average nutrient solution temperature - 27 C°

Average monthly production - 40000 lettuce heads

Average monthly productivity - 13.7 lettuce heads /m²

The developed project has 39 detailed drawings of the various parts of the system, and a descriptive manual to build the same.


Drawings and Project Manual


frente estufa

Front view of the greenhouse


estufa lateral

Side view of the greenhouse where we can see the tensors


estufa trazeira

Back view of the greenhouse. Note the channels in soil, to bury the nutrient solution feeding pipes



Central view of the greenhouse. Note the channels to bury the feeding and return pipes of the nutrient solution



Lining the columns of the growing benches. In the second plan the surveyor makes the aligment and controls the benches' slope using a theodolite



Mounting the growing benches



Growing benches mounted, with a perfect aligment



Nutrient solution tanks under construction and test. In a second plan, provisional mounting of one pump for leaking tests. At the right, ozonized solution injection pumps, and at right wall, partial view of the ozone generator.



Oxigenation system with air injected with a Venturi in the main pipe. In the second plan, ozonized solution injection with a Venturi too. On last plan, we can see the Ozone generator



Return of the nutrient solution to the tank. Note the solution returnig foamy, consequence of abundant Oxygen



Growing bench ready to receive pre-grown plants - nutrient solution discharge side



Growing bench ready to receive pre-grown plants - nutrient solution feeding side



Pre-growing sector after first crop. At left growing benches with plants ready to be harvested



Pre-growing sector ready for the first crop. At right growing benches with plants ready to be harvested


em crescimento

Plants in growing stage


em crescimento

Plants near to harvesting point


plantas prontas

Plants ready to be harvested


plantas prontas

Plants being harvested



White healthy roots, in consequence of a high level of oxigenation