RAUL VERGUEIRO MARTINS is the author of this site, and has in his curriculum more than 40 years of work and research on Hydroponics.

He was born in September 11, 1939 at São Paulo - São Paulo State - Brazil.

He completed the Elementary School in Brazil, and the High School at Oporto - Portugal, and once back to Brazil, he became graduated in a Chemistry Technical School and later he got his University graduations.

He is Mechanical Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer and Chemical Technician specialized in Inorganic Chemistry.

He got the Master Doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering, with his thesis on Theory of Non Alloy Metal Powders Sintering.

He is a designer of Universal and Automatic Machines, Comparison Measuring Instruments without contact, using high and low pressure compressed air, centrifugal casting machines, broaching machines, static and continuous industrial furnaces with and without controlled atmospheres, atmosphere generators, lab apparatus and many other equipments.

As a researcher on Eletrochemistry, he developed methods for the electrodeposition of non ferrous metal alloys over sleeve bearings for internal combustion engines.

He is a researcher on processes to obtain metal powders by oxi-reduction by electrodeposition, by melted metals atomizing, and by chemical precipitation.

Specialized in single metal powders sintering as well as ferrous and non ferrous alloy powders.

As a consequence of his activities in the powder metallurgy field, he got specialized in the design and construction of protective atmosphere generators for use in industrial furnaces and other applications.

He developed processes for the production in high speed of sinthetic metal oxides, by oxidizing metal powders using Ozone.

Front the dificulties in getting Ozone generators needed for that processes, by that time, he researched and built various kinds of Ozone generation cells, using systems like concentric tubes, filament cells, parallel plate cells, and electrolitic cells.

He developed equipments for the concentration of Oxygen in air by high pressure Nitrogen absorption on zeolites, equipment that today is known as Oxygen Concentrators.

Allways saddened by agriculture, he became a researcher and designer of agriculture biodigestion systems for several applications, as for getting alternative energy and organic fertilizers sources.

In parallel, during 1966, he begun researches on Inorganic Hydroponics, and latter, as a consequence of his knowledges on agricultural biodigestion, he developed several researches on Organic Hydroponics, when he developed the Geo-Hydroponic System, or Geoponics.

He used too his knowledges on agricultural biodigestion in the Aquaponic Systems, unlinking the fish rearing tanks from the hydroponic system.

He wrote some books on Hydroponics, among wich we can cite Manual de Hidroponia (Handbook on Hydroponics), Hidroponia em Substratos (Hydroponics in Substrata) and Hidroponia Organica (Organic Hydroponics), available as printed books and as e-books.

During the last 15 years, he became a consultant on hydroponics and agriculture biodigestion, getting specialized in the design and construction of hydroponic complexes and agricultural biodigesters, not only in Brazil, but also in other countries aroud the world.

He is a member of the AICH - Associación Internacional de Consultores de Hidroponia (International Association of Consultants in Hydroponics - IACH), besides it's funder Mrs. Gloria Samperio Ruiz, Dr. Carlos Arano, Dr. Pedro Furlani, Dr. Howard Resh and other prominent names on Hydroponics around the world.

He is a talker in hydroponic themes and an educator, promoting courses on hydroponics.