There are different methods of practicing Hydroponics which we call Hydroponic Systems.

Hydroponic Systems can be divided in two basic groups;   these are the Passive Systems and the Active Systems.

In a passive system, the nutrient solution remains static in a recipient from where it is conducted to the plants’ roots, usually by capilarity action.

This is attained by using a growing medium of high capilary capacity together with a wick, like those used in oil lamps.

When using a wick, the system is called the Wick System.

In one way or another, all Active Systems require circulating the nutrient solution by using a pump, and the majority of them need a parallel system in conjunction with it in order to airate or inject oxygen in the solution.

Considering passive and active systems, there are a total of six basic systems that are known as the Wick System, the Floating Bed System, the Ebb and Flow System, the Nutrient Film Technique System or NFT System, the Drip System and the Aeroponic System.

There are hundreds of hydroponic systems, but all them are variations or combinations of one or several of the above.